My year of 2016

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2016, year of excellence.


Year of happiness.

In Beijing we can also find some happiness which is same as hometown.


Year of family.

Always have a feeling of family, no matter where we are, just we together.


Year of professional.

Even the 60D slept for a very long time.


Year of memory long time ago.

10 years, everything changed.


Year of me.

A story of a husky in a wild world.


Year of my Japan visit.

I know he is COSing, but doesn't he cos who.


Year of my DQ.

Metal slam, don't run away.


Year of VR.

Played an early demo.


Year of first time thing.

It always worth to try something new.


Year of soccer.

Difficult to run fast, but my heart always go on.


Year of knowing expert.

Visual Studio code, where I go out of Microsoft word, then I know what does that mean.


Year of working.

Too complex to say…


Year of more friends.

Real Madrid cool boy.


Year of No 1.

And No 1 again, year by year.


Year of a team.

Play for fun together.


Year of ICE.

Sometimes pan, but sometimes we really need it.


Year of HOT.

Even it is cold outside.


Year of TB.

With lots of new and old friends.


Year of teammate.


Year of high performance.

And we won the one dollar.


Year of with new Swiss friends.


Year of Ignite.

With lots of data platform experts.


Year of BC.


Year of international team.


Year of meet again in China.

Just as the year, always have surprise.


Year of BC2.


Year of Christmas.


With the last one, year of changes, as below picture, which is for beginning of year 2016, all people in the picture changed their boss.



Wish a good 2017 year.

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